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Longman International Group Co., Limited

Manufacturer of stage lighting equipment and architectural light fixtures

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    Floor 4, No11 Mawu New Street,Huangshi West Road, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, China
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Company Profile
Longman Lighting is a long-established manufacturer of stage lighting equipment and architectural light fixtures. With over 10 years accumulated innovation in scene lighting systems, Longman has risen to become a value-added lighting designer, equipment provider, and support team for its prestigious clients. As one of the industry's leading lighting suppliers, Longman continues to take pride in its exceptional ability to adapt to ever-changing market.

Longman's stage lighting equipment has been used in prominent events and venues throughout the world. The company's professional lighting equipment includes LED PAR lamps, moving head lights, ellipsoidal lights, scoop floodlights, and cyc lights, etc. Stage lighting becomes getting complicated due to the performing arts being getting more versatile and reliant on scene complementation. Longman's long-standing collaborations with leading lighting designers around the world laid the foundation of a sensible interplay between the stage and luminaires. Longman is committed to providing only innovatively designed and rigorously engineered products for optimum visibility control, scene composition and mood creation.

That being said stage is everywhere. The need for advanced and imaginative landsape and architectural lighting inspired the stage lighting manufacturer to duplicate its success in the outdoor lighting field. 'Ledmewish' is Longman's outdoor lighting brand dedicated to delivering the company's craftsmanship in LED architectural floods, LED wall washers, gobo (patterns) projectors, nature imitation lamps and lawn lights.
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